Trees in the Religions of Early Medieval England

Little Oak Dragons

Book review of Trees in the Religions of Early Medieval England (Anglo-Saxon Studies) by Michael D.J. Bintley

An age of transitions

Early medieval England is very interesting because it is an age of transitions.

Anglo-Saxon settlement

From 410 AD onwards, the Roman Empire was no longer able to protect its territory in Britain. At this point there were already Germanic people on the island, thanks to the Roman use of Germanic mercenaries. In the 5th century more Germanic people arrived and the Anglo-Saxon settlement period began.

Before the Anglo-Saxons the people living in what is now England were Romano-British. They spoke a Celtic language related to modern Welsh. They knew about Christianity and about the paganisms that flourished in the Roman Empire.

Historians used to think that the Germanic settlers displaced the native British population from England, pushing them into Wales. The latest evidence suggests that the displacement was cultural…

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